Elon Musk confirms abandonment of Twitter takeover citing accusations from ex-employee and whistleblower

Elon Musk seeks to consolidate his case before the trial which will oppose him to Twitter. The billionaire has formally asked the former security chief of Twitter, who recently accused the platform of lies, to provide documents and testify in the legal proceedings against him against the social network. Peiter Zatko’s lawyers have indicated that … Read more

Does Elon Musk have Bitcoin investments?

Wondering if Elon Musk has investments in Bitcoins? Here’s what you need to know about Elon and bitcoin investing. There is no concrete evidence that Elon Musk has investments in Bitcoins, but several theories are circulating on the Internet. One is that he may have invested in Bitcoin through his company Tesla. Another argument is … Read more

Reusable rockets: finally a European project to counter SpaceX and Elon Musk? – 09/19/2022 at 12:34

The aerospace manufacturer ArianeGroup has presented “Susie”, a new rocket stage that can be used in space and return to land on Earth. ArianeGroup presents its project for a Europe of space that does not yet master reusable technology (AFP / ERIC PIERMONT) ArianeGroup unveiled on Sunday September 18 a new “fully reusable” rocket upper … Read more

[L’instant tech] The plan of Enchanted Tools, the start-up of an Aldebaran alumnus to revolutionize humanoid robotics

“In less than 12 months, we have designed and assembled a humanoid robot which will be delivered at the end of the year and so far we are not a day behind.“, welcomes Jérôme Monceaux. For a little less than a year, the entrepreneur – former creative director of applications and uses at Aldebaran, he … Read more

Smartphones look to satellites – rts.ch

Internet from space directly in your smartphone. This is the new trend among digital giants, including Huawei, Apple or Elon Musk. The announcements are linked to allow communication through satellites. In a smartphone market plagued by inflation, supply problems and in need of significant innovations, major brands and telecom operators are eyeing the constellation nanosatellites … Read more