Heart Failure:Causes, Types, and Treatment

heart attack

This is a common clinical syndrome identified by the presence of current or prior characteristic symptoms, such as shortness of breath and fatigue, and evidence of cardiac dysfunction as a cause of these symptoms of Heart Failure About Heart Failure From a hemodynamic perspective, heart failure is a disorder in which the heart cannot pump … Read more

Will The New Cold War Crash The USA

cold war

Russia has launched a full-scale military invasion into Ukraine, beginning what is now the largest military conflict in Europe since World War Two. In response, tensions between the US and Russia have been escalating. Really the threat levels and risk of conflict expansion are just terrifyingly high. I think the second Cold War has already … Read more

Ideologies of political parties in the United States

political parties in USA

The two major ideologies you will hear about in the united states and that’s the liberal ideology and the conservative ideology, the liberal ideology is often associated with the democratic party and the conservative ideology is often associated with the republicans. political parties in the United States Every Republican would have a Stereotypically Conservative view … Read more

Air Travel for Heart Patients

heart patients

Today I will talk to you about air travel for Heart Patients with heart disease commercial airplanes typically travel at an altitude between twenty-two thousand and forty-four thousand feet to improve efficiency. Cabin pressure for heart patients The airplane pressurization process maintains cabin pressure at an altitude equivalent ranging from five thousand to 8000 feet … Read more

The Roots of America’s democracy

America democracy

America has a democracy problem. That’s how many people each member of the US House represented in 1790. There’s now one representative for every 747 thousand Americans. That makes the US a crazy undemocratic outlier internationally. But it also makes us different than what we were supposed to be. The Roots of America’s democracy are … Read more

 How to increase women’s health life

women health

Today, I’d like to talk about life expectancy. Global statistics show that women live longer than men. But if you look at the statistics related to the disease. There is something called healthy life. Now talk about women’s health life. What should we do to increase women’s healthy life? (women’s health life) Why? I’m going … Read more