3-year-old child found safe and sound after being lost for two days in forest

Missing since Friday near the city of Troy, Montana (United States), a 3-year-old child was found safe and sound on Sunday. The little boy spent two days in a forest populated by pumas and bears, and where the temperature dropped to 4 degrees.

According to the American site Today.com, he was found in good health in a hut where he had taken refuge. It was the owners of the places who discovered it. The couple heard a small voice which they followed before coming across the child, who had been lost for two days.

A child in shock

“Hungry, thirsty and freezing,” in the words of the Lincoln County Sheriff, the child was in shock when he was found, as a photo shared by US media reveals. According to information from the authorities, he got lost after taking a long walk alone, at the end of which he was exhausted.

Now, the police are trying to understand why the parents of the child waited two hours before reporting his disappearance. And how, at the age of 3, he was able to go alone to walk in a forest inhabited by wild animals. Still, the toddler, frightened when help arrived, lit up at the sight of his parents.

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