A brand new version for the Advenir program

The Advenir program, piloted by Avere-France, was officially renewed until 2025. This renewal is accompanied by a new budget envelope of 200 million euros and new objectives for the program.

Program renewal

Created in 2016 and led by Avere-France, the Advenir program supports the installation of charging stations for electric vehicles. The device aims to remove the obstacles to the development of electric mobility by offering different bonuses depending on charging station installation projects – whether at home, in the workplace or in a car park open to the general public – as well as through the organization of awareness-raising events and training throughout France.

As part of an order dated December 10, 2021, the Advenir program was officially renewed for the fourth time consecutively to extend its action until the end of 2025 with new objectives.

200 million additional euros to deploy nearly 65,000 new charging points

As part of this new renewal, the Advenir program has an additional budget of 200 million euros, bringing its overall envelope to 320 million euros dedicated to the development of electric mobility.

Thanks to this extension, the Advenir program aims to finance 65,000 additional charging points by 2025 with in particular:

  • 22,500 charging points open to the public
  • 20,000 collective residential charging points
  • 13,500 charging points for heavy vehicles dedicated to the transport of goods and passengers
  • 8,000 charging points specifically dedicated to automotive service professionals

With this new objective, the program will bring to 125,000 the number of charging points financed by an Avenir bonus by the end of 2025.

The Advenir Formations program also renewed for 2,000 additional events

The training component of the Advenir program will also continue the actions undertaken since the previous renewal until the end of 2025 with the aim of continuing to accelerate the transition to electric mobility in France. Aimed at the general public, elected officials and local actors and real estate professionals, it is planned to organize at least 2,000 new awareness and training sessions for 100,000 people.

Creation of new sections dedicated to automotive and road transport service professionals

Among the novelties, the program provides for the creation of a new component of actions in partnership with the employers’ organization Mobilians for the deployment of charging infrastructure in companies in the automotive service sector : technical inspections, garages, spare parts sellers, etc.

Targeted actors may also be supported or trained under the program. Specific support for players in the road transport of goods and passengers is also planned through the creation of new dedicated bonuses.

Program funding partners

As part of its call for funding launched on 1er January 2022, the Advenir program selected 7 sponsors, 4 of which were renewed. The 7 funding partners who will support the Advenir program for the period 2022 – 2025 are: AIDEE, Bolloré Energy, Distridyn, Dyneff, EDF, ES Énergies and SIPLEC.

Presentation of the new funding partners of the Advenir program

All of the players are committed to supporting the program in all its aspects until the end of 2025.

help €14,000,000 20 2,000
Bollore Energy €17,500,000 25 2,500
Distridyn SA €14,000,000 20 2,000
Dyneff €14,000,000 20 2,000
EDF €70,000,000 100 10,000
ES €7,000,000 10 1,000
Siplec €63,504,000 90.72 9,072
Total €200,004,000 258.72 28,572


AIDEE is a non-profit association, declared to the Ministry of Ecological Transition as part of the Energy Savings Certificates (EEC) system. Committed to the development and improvement of this system on a daily basis, AIDEE has, from the outset, instructed more than 600,000 records – both individuals and companies – energy savings.

AIDEE finances the Advenir program for an amount of 14 million euros excluding VAT and participates in the Steering Committee.

Bollore Energy

Bolloré Energy is the leading independent distributor of domestic fuel in France with a 15% market share. Aware of the issues related to the energy transition, the company has initiated a diversification strategy. It supports the development of electricity storage and electric mobility activities developed by Blue Solutions, another subsidiary of the Bolloré Group.

Bolloré Energy finances the Advenir program for an amount of 17.5 million euros excluding tax and participates in the Steering Committee.


A subsidiary of Casino and Cora, Distridyn specializes in the import, trading and distribution of petroleum products. Its main mission is the supply of road fuels and biofuels to service stations. Aware of its environmental responsibility, Distridyn finances energy saving actions and participates in the financing of several programs.

Distridyn finances the Advenir program for an amount of 14 million euros excluding VAT and participates in the Steering Committee.


Fuel, fuel, natural gas: The Dyneff group meets the energy needs of individuals and professionals, emphasizing proximity, DYNamism and EFFICIENCY. A promise that is inscribed in its name… Dyneff works every day for more efficient energy that is more respectful of the environment.

The Dyneff group finances the Advenir program for an amount of 14 million euros excluding tax and participates in the Steering Committee.


The EDF Group is strongly committed to the development of electric vehicles to support its customers towards sustainable modes of mobility. Through its subsidiaries IZIVIA and IZI by EDF, it has solid experience in the installation and operation of charging infrastructure in all customer situations and throughout the territory: at home, in business, at destination, on the road.

The EDF group finances the Advenir program for an amount of 70 million euros excluding tax and participates in the Steering Committee.


Alsatian energy company for more than 120 years, ÉS is one of the major players in the French energy market. It supports its 550,000 individual customers, companies and local authorities, by offering them a range of high-performance energy solutions.

ÉS finances the Advenir program for an amount of 7 million euros excluding VAT and participates in the Steering Committee.


SIPLEC, the Mouvement E.Leclerc subsidiary in charge of energy, is a key player in this sector in France. 2nd French oil operator, SIPLEC markets offers to individuals and businesses. The E.Leclerc Siplec energies teams are mobilized to support the deployment of electricity. As of April 2022, 1,700 charging points already in service and 1,000 additional ones are being installed.

SIPLEC finances the Advenir program for an amount of more than 60 million euros excluding tax and participates in the Steering Committee.

An invisible transition for beneficiaries

This new renewal of the Advenir program is an important administrative step for players in the electric mobility sector. However, it was designed to be invisible to program beneficiaries. The terms and conditions for obtaining bonuses and participating in our events remain unchanged. and will continue to evolve according to the needs as decided by the Advenir steering committee.

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