A Complete Sleep Timer for Apple Music on Android

Unfortunately, this is not the first time that the Android version of Apple Music has been more efficient and more practical than the iOS version. In the last beta of the Apple Music app distributed to testers, a new option appeared, sleep timer. As its name suggests, this menu allows you to stop playing music after a certain time.

Stopping playback can be decided within a period ranging from 15 minutes to 1 hour, or even after the end of the title being listened to or at the end of the playlist. The option is available in the menu at do everything three dots, from the audio playback panel. A notification appears (at the bottom of the window, oddly) when activating the function and when playback stops.

The playback panel options also display the countdown of either the number of songs to play (when you have chosen to stop at the end of the playlist) or the time remaining.

On iOS, it’s possible to set a timer that will mute the Music app, but it’s in the app Clock > Timer > Alarm. You must then go to the very bottom of the window and choose the option Stop reading. But besides the fact that you have to dig into an app other than Music, it lacks the options to stop playback at the end of the song or playlist.

In terms of things that are better in the Android app, we also note the presence of a widget to control music playback. On iOS, widgets are not interactive, they can only display information such as listening history. Admittedly, an audio player is available directly from the control center. Let’s also remember the absence of a crossfade in the Music app on iOS, whereas it exists on macOS… and on Android!

The two widgets of the Apple Music app on Android // Crossfade options.


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