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To make you wait before its annual I/O conference, Google offers a free pinball game.

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You loved 3D Pinball Space Cadet on Windows 95? Relive the experience with I/O Pinball. ┬ęGoogle

Relive the pinball experience with I/O Pinball

To make Internet users wait before Google I/O, the annual conference dedicated to developers which will begin this evening at 7 p.m., the Mountain View company is offering a game that will make you dive back into old memories!

Pinball I/O is a pinball game, developed by Google, and accessible for free via your web browser, or on Android and iOS. Simply click on this link to launch the game, from your computer or smartphone.

When launching I/O Pinball, you can choose from 4 characters, which are the mascots of Flutter, Firebase, Android and Chrome: Dash, Sparky, Android, or Dino.

Then, the goal of the game is simple: throw the pinball to score the most points, preventing it from falling. Do not panic if you fail: 3 lives are available.

Warning: Dino eats your ball, then spits it out! ┬ęGoogle

A game developed with Flutter

Although this game brings its share of nostalgia, Google’s objective here is to display the possibilities offered by Flutter, its framework which notably allows developers to develop interactive applications and games. Pinball I/O also uses the 2D Flame game engine, and is hosted on Firebase. What to have a nice overview of the plurality of Google products before the conference.

It’s your turn !

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