a man dies while burying the body of a murdered woman in his garden – Liberation

Local authorities in South Carolina have found a man dead in his yard as he finished burying a woman who had been strangled to death in his home.

The killer killed by effort. An American was found dead on the morning of Saturday, May 7, in his garden in South Carolina, where he was burying a woman he had strangled. The body of “Joseph McKinnon, 60 years old”, “showed no signs of trauma, his death seems natural”, the sheriff and the Edgefield County Medical-Legal Officer said Tuesday in a statement carried by the local press.

It was while investigating the man’s death that police discovered another body at the scene, that of Patricia Dent, 65, in a freshly dug grave. Autopsies carried out on Monday concluded that John McKinnon had died of a heart attack, while his victim had been murdered by strangulation.

Authorities say John McKinnon attacked Patricia Dent inside the house, then tied her up and wrapped her in trash bags before placing her in the grave he had just dug. It was while covering the grave with earth that the man had a heart attack. The motives for the murder remain unknown at this time.


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