A new communicating charging station arrives on the market

This is a very recent innovation. This standardized protocol is intended to considerably enrich and simplify exchanges between the electric vehicle and the charging station. This, in order to make the more optimal, efficient and reliable charging operations. An ambitious programme, which rekindles the flame in all the eyes of electric enthusiasts.

While car manufacturers are beginning to offer the first vehicles meeting this standard, Hager is already preparing the future of electric mobility with its new witty communicating terminal, including this new communication protocol. Are you curious and eager to discover more? So on the way for this explanatory article offered by Tesla Magazine!

The new witty communicating terminals

ISO 15-118 compatible, the new witty bollards from Hager take up the sleek design characteristic of the witty range. Adjustable from 4 to 22kW, single-phase or three-phase, they are suitable to recharge all the vehicles on the market. No need to ask questions since you know that you will find what you are looking for with these charging stations… Which is very practical, I admit!

They mainly meet the needs of the tertiary sector, where the use of terminals is shared: shops, communities, public car parks, etc. Both references are ZE and EV ready 1.4 certified. Indeed, it is particularly in this sector that the need to communicate can be felt. Sharing charging points is always easier and smarter when communication is established…

For once, these terminals can communicate via ethernet and wifi depending on the configuration.

Facilitate vehicle charging

Easy to install and intuitive to use, the communicating witty charging stations incorporate ISO 15-118, which facilitates vehicle charging (Plug and Charge). To have used it, nothing could be simpler than getting started with such a tool.

This communication protocol establishes two-way communication between the charging station on one side and the connected vehicle on the other. It allows the terminal to recognize the connected car as well as its user and to authorize the charging of his vehicle. Clever!

Especially since thanks to this protocol, badge identification is no longer necessary and vehicle recognition is immediate. Standardized, the OCPP makes it possible to guarantee the confidentiality and the authenticity of the transactions carried out between the charging station and the payment operator. A more secure and simpler recharge, something to appeal to users.

Automate charging strategies

This new ISO 15-118 protocol will automate charging strategies, by deploying a quantity of energy adapted to the needs of the connected car. No need to worry, just plug in your car! The appropriate refill is automatically determined and you just have to wait, before riding again.

For example, if two cars are connected to an ISO 15-118 certified charging station, with one vehicle charged at 80% and the other at 20%, the charging station will automatically adjust the charging power. So that the most heavily loaded vehicle receives less energy, by prioritizing the transmission of energy to the vehicle that needs it the most. Not sure that everyone will like it, but it is the fairest existing system!

Have charging statistics

For installers and operators, the new OCPP ISO 15-118 terminals have access to a wider range of data, via an integrated web server. During the installation phase, this interface allows configure the hardware, configure the protocol.

After commissioning, it provides real-time access to all charging station operating data, as well as event logs. For more connectivity and shared information, we validate!

Easy to install and intuitive to use, witty charging stations make it possible to charge electric or hybrid vehicles safely and intuitively.

The ambition of the group

As a major player in innovation in industry, the group aims to sustainably shape the electrical world of tomorrow. The company offers a complete range of products and solutions ranging from electrical energy distribution to intelligent building management. Hence the creation of witty which not only makes it possible to automate recharging strategies but also to have recharging statistics, ideal for further strengthening communication!

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