a policeman saves a four-month-old baby by giving him a cardiac massage

Police officer Robert Oden, on patrol Friday in Atlanta, rescued an infant who was no longer breathing.

In the right place at the right time. While on patrol Friday noon in a neighborhood of Atlanta, Georgia, police officer Robert Oden notices a car driving by with the hazard lights on and the horn sounding frantically.

A scene that challenges him and pushes him to follow the vehicle. Once it is parked near a fire station, a woman gets out and rushes towards the policeman: she carries in her arms her four-month-old baby who is no longer breathing.

“He’s no longer conscious! He’s no longer conscious!” the distraught mother shouts at Agent Oden.

“Calm, caring and professional actions”

Faced with the family’s distress, the policeman calmly places the baby on the ground and tries to take his pulse, except that the heart has stopped beating. Agent Oden then begins to perform CPR. After several seconds, the young child begins to react to the rescue gestures: policeman one gets a pulse from the baby, and his legs move again.

Shortly after, a first moan is heard: the baby gradually regains consciousness. Agent Oden continues CPR until an ambulance arrives. The emergency services immediately take care of the child, all of this happened in barely a minute. A scene entirely filmed by the policeman’s on-board camera and which ends well.

“Performing CPR on a four-month-old baby is not part of a Swat officer’s routine, yet that is what happened during this procedure,” Atlanta police said. on his Twitter account.

“Officer Oden’s actions were calm, caring and professional,” the city police also praised. “His response reflects a high level of training, preparation and compassion. We could not be more proud of him at this critical time,” the authorities concluded.

Hugues Garnier BFMTV journalist

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