A teenager managed to hack the system of 25 Tesla!

History can be scary! A computer genius has managed to hack several Tesla models. And could modify many parameters live.

The automobile after, the one that will be electric and maybe autonomous, raises questions. Between the fear of autonomy and on-board cameras, piracy is increasingly in sight. Indeed, a vehicle driven by on-board technology is potentially controllable by anyone. The proof with a 19-year-old hacker, passionate about computer security, who managed to get into car systems You’re here.

Advanced Tesla control

David Colombohacking specialist, spoke on Twitter. He explains that he had remote control ofat least 25 Teslas, in at least 13 different countries. This manipulation, although limited to elements external to driving (personal or autonomous), was nevertheless impressive. According to his words, he could put the full volume music when he wishes, lower the windows or even launch games or applications in the middle of the journey.

Other elements seem more serious. The 19-year-old had the opportunity toopen the doors vehicles equipped with this technology. This means that a Tesla Model X driver could see the gullwing doors suddenly pop up. It was also able to flash lights, turn off Sentinel Mode and even determine if the driver is in the vehicle. Serious concerns for the manufacturer but especially daily users!

The owners at fault?

But David Colombo had no bad intentions. It turns out that the piracy has nothing to do with a problem with Tesla or its software. “Since these important facts seem to be drowned among other comments, I will add them here again. It’s not a vulnerability in Tesla’s infrastructure. It’s here fault of the owners“, he explains vaguely on the social network. A kind of warning about the safety of connected cars.

It seems clear that David had access to the credentials ofspecific users. Indeed, many applications like TezLab reported issues in the same time frame. Owners were prompted to update the system and adjust one setting only. Let’s wait and see if Tesla will react…

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