A Tesla beer? Elon Musk presents his latest absurd idea

Tesla continues to diversify. During a conference related to the factory installed in the Berlin area, Elon Musk announced the GigaBier, an alcoholic drink. It is recalled that the manufacturer had already targeted the bar pillars with a tequila.

100% electric cars, solar panels, a surfboard, sexy hot pants and…alcohol: Tesla’s spokes are truly unlike any other. A few months ago, the American manufacturer marketed a bottle of Tequila with a very strange design. As Teslarati reports in an article published on October 10, Tesla will continue in this direction with… the GigaBier.

We are going to build a train station with a right of ownership. And then we’ll decorate the factory walls with graffiti, outside, everywhere. I think it will be very cool. And then we’ll have a beer “, announced Elon Musk on the occasion of a conference related to the future inauguration of the factory installed in the Berlin region. It should be operational by the end of the year.

After tequila, make way for beer

GigaBier is the association of the words Gigafactory (name of the Tesla factories) and Bier (or beer, in French). For Tesla, this drink would therefore be a way to create even more of an event, knowing that beer is a particularly popular drink in Germany – it is squarely celebrated as part of a festival (the Oktoberfest). By launching his own beer, Tesla is improvising a sort of seduction operation (relatively unsubtle), with the aim of attracting talent to his factory. The firm hopes to produce between 5,000 and 10,000 cars per week by the end of 2022. They will supply European markets.

The design of the GigaBier bottle still relies on originality to convince. The more observant will notice that it is reminiscent of the Cybertruck (pickup) and the Cyberquad (quad whose name was recently registered for derivative products). Indeed, the bottle is very angular and futuristic, reminiscent of a perfume rather than a drink. There is no doubt that he will be able to catch the eye of collectors, the same people who are ready to spend several hundred euros for the Tesla Tequila (which quickly ran out of stock).

If the future marketing of a GigaBier (will it really be sold?) can make you smile, we will note that it is a great risk for Tesla’s image. Seeing a car market player selling alcohol is never a very responsible signal, given the dangers that these drinks represent. Especially when you are a manufacturer who regularly praises the safety of its cars.

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