After the fatal accident of his Tesla taxi, the driver testifies

Last December, a Tesla taxi hit several pedestrians in the 13th arrondissement of Paris. The driver, indicted for manslaughter, continues to question the company founded by Elon Musk (illustrative photo taken in December 2021 in Paris). (Picture: Sarah Meyssonnier/Reuters)

Last December, a taxi mowed down several people in the 13th arrondissement of Paris. A tragedy that left one dead and twenty injured.

MISCELLANEOUS – He has maintained his version for months. After the fatal accident that occurred last December in the 13th arrondissement of Paris, where a Tesla taxi had struck several pedestrians causing the death of one person and injuring twenty others, the driver of the vehicle does not budge: it was his car that malfunctioned and caused the tragedy.

This is what this 58-year-old man, from Ris-Orangis in Essonne, repeats again this Monday, May 2 in the columns of Parisian. Currently indicted for “manslaughter and involuntary injuries”, he turned with his lawyer against the car manufacturer founded by Elon Musk, filing a complaint against Tesla for “endangering the lives of others”.

In the Ile-de-France daily, the man and his family thus recount an ordinary December evening, when they decide to eat in a restaurant in the 13th arrondissement of Paris before returning to the suburbs. It was there, at a traffic light on the busy Avenue d’Ivry, that they claimed to have heard an unusual noise when restarting. “Like a splash”, or a “beep like when you receive a text message”.

A vehicle launched at more than 100km / h in the city

The following? A car that starts accelerating on its own, says the taxi driver, who claims to have “pumped with his foot” on the brake without anything happening. It is also impossible to lower the pedal: “I even try with both feet. But it doesn’t work,” he says, still at the Parisian. Attempting various maneuvers, such as putting his vehicle in front of studs to activate his automatic braking system, the driver fails each time.

And his Tesla, launched at more than 100km / h, ends up being embedded in another vehicle. This one is propelled against a 19-year-old cyclist, who will be killed in the collision. Twenty other people will have been affected more or less seriously in the pileup, including a young man who will spend weeks in a coma.

At this time, the driver, with his 30 years of experience as a taxi, continues to affirm that he obviously did not take the wrong pedal, that he tried to brake and that the vehicle did not respond. . His daughter-in-law, who was on board at the time of the tragedy, even wonders if the car could not have been hacked remotely, when the company Tesla claims that the diagnostics revealed no malfunction. It will be up to the expertise ordered by the courts to shed light on the reality of this tragic accident.

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