Amid protests, iOS 15.5 will reinstate Tempo API for Apple Music-enabled apps

With iOS 15.4, Apple had angered creators and users of third-party Apple Music clients. Apple had decided to remove an API allowing apps to change the playback tempo of a song selected on Apple Music. Finally, all’s well that ends well, the API MPMediaPlayback.currentPlaybackRate will be reinstated in iOS 15.5.

Perfect Tempo app can no longer change the tempo of Apple Music tracks on iOS 15.4

“We re-evaluated our previous decision to disable changing the playback speed of Apple Music content in third-party apps, and have come to the conclusion that it is safe to re-enable this feature, as before the release of iOS 15.4 », said on the developer forum Joe Kuo, an Apple software engineer. The API was reintroduced in iOS 15.5 beta 4 released this week.

The developers concerned are relieved, but one of them explains that, not expecting a turnaround, he had given up on this feature and taken his app in a completely different direction.


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