“And. And. And. And. And.” is what it takes to cause problems with google docs

In the world of technology, sometimes unusual situations arise that attract the attention of users. These bugs don’t make sense, but the truth is that they exist and are exposed for everyone to explore and test.

This is currently happening with Google Docs, with a single line of text, repeated. When placing And. And. And. And. And. in a document, it just goes into an abnormal state and stops working, crashing the browser.

Google Docs hasn’t been without its problems for the past few months. These are abnormal situations that cause this Google service to not work perfectly. We have the recent copyright infringement with documents that only had values ​​1 and 0.

The new situation is even stranger, with a simple chain letter causing problems for Google Docs. This is abnormal and should not appear in a text, but the truth is that the problem was discovered and proven in this service.

Google Docs and bug issue

Writing “And. And. And. And. And.” in a new document, it seems to enter an abnormal state and ends up crashing the browser and Google Docs itself. The problem is even bigger because it does not allow you to reopen the document for editing.

By doing this, the problem arises again and therefore ends up in an infinite loop which no longer allows access to the rest of the content. The solution seems to be to download the document, edit it in a local app, and send it back to Google Docs, with no errors.

Google Docs and bug issue

From what has been investigated by some users, this appears to be an issue with Google’s spell checker. Everyone who expressed this situation had this element active and showing possible corrections in the text that had just been written.

Since this problem was reported, Google has focused on investigating its existence. Without informing the users, the problem now seems solved, without manifesting itself again. One more failure is thus treated, now with “And. And. And. And. And.”.

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