Android 13: Google deploys the third (and penultimate) beta of its OS

There is very little time left before the launch of the final version of Android 13, and Google is naturally rolling out its third beta – the penultimate if we are to believe the company’s timeline.

To celebrate the beginning of June, Google is rolling out the new beta version of its operating system. Android 13 thus arrives in beta 3 for compatible smartphones. An update that brings some new features, but above all means that the final version is not very far away.

This third beta does not come to deliver big news on compatible smartphones. On its blog post, Google indicates that this is above all a deployment which concerns the stability of the APIs – it is therefore aimed primarily at developers. So, except surprise, everything you should find on your smartphone will be very close, even identical to the final version of Android 13. For the next few months, the developers will therefore only have to work on the quality and the compatibility of their applications with the final version scheduled for the fall.

Among the elements to remember, we find in particular a mention concerning tablets and large screens, Android 13 taking up the new features included in Android 12L, a version dedicated to tablets and folding smartphones presented last fall but not yet released. We also learn that developers must be vigilant with the taskbar, multitasking or the preview of photos on the camera application. Suffice to say that Android 13 is intended to be suitable for both smartphones and tablets.

Finally, it should be noted that beta 3 of Android 13 is currently offered to Google Pixels, Mountain View partners pushing new versions of the OS to their users at a slower pace.

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