Apple catches up with Google Maps with this feature so you don’t get lost anymore

News hardware Apple catches up with Google Maps with this feature so you don’t get lost anymore

Apple is doing everything to keep their Maps app neck and neck with Google Maps. The latter is still one step ahead, but Apple is staying in touch and is extending its augmented reality itinerary function to the city of Tokyo.

Apple adds augmented reality to Tokyo in Maps

In 2021, Apple presented numerous software improvements for its iPhones, many of them dedicated to the brand’s proprietary navigation application: Apple Maps.

Among these additions, the most interesting is “AR walking”, which uses the rear camera of the iPhone to display in augmented reality the path to take to walk to your destination. Since iOS 15, all you have to do is scan your environment for a few seconds for the application to go into AR mode.

In this mode, the directions to follow appear directly in space when you move your smartphone. Difficult to do more detailed, and with that you are sure to take the right street.

For now, only the cities of London, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver and Washington DC are eligible for this option. And now it’s Tokyo’s turn to receive the feature. Other cities in Japan would also be affected.

We still feel that Apple has a little trouble covering most areas of the planet. It’s no small feat to deploy your network of cars to scan thousands of cities. Google has been at it for a very long time now, and Apple’s delay is considerable.

We suspect that it will take time to see it arrive in most cities in France.

Google Maps still in the lead

But as is often the case with navigation applications, Google is ahead and even if the current version of Google maps is far from perfect, it regularly launches new features and could not be more complete.

Apple catches up with Google Maps with this feature so you don't get lost anymore

For several years now, Google has been offering this augmented reality navigation option called Live View, although it required several updates to function properly. Apple does not have the same strategy and seeks to perfect a technology before launching it for good.

At the same time, Apple is far from having the strike force of Google concerning the coverage of regions of the world, whether with Street View or the 3D reproduction of large cities. Nevertheless, competition is always beneficial for the user, so it is hoped that Apple manages to disrupt Google’s hegemony a little.

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