Apple had imagined an iPod nano with an edge-to-edge screen

Today, edge-to-edge screens with minimal bezels and maximum screen real estate on the front have become the norm in the smartphone market. Apple started adopting this design with the iPhone X and today it is also coming to iPads and Macs.

What we didn’t know until now was that Apple had already thought about it even before the launch of the first iPhone. This is what is revealed by a recent publication by Tony Fadell.

As a reminder, Fadell is the former vice president of Apple’s iPod decision. And in a recent series of tweets, this one shares mockups showing what the iPod Nano (the first model launched in 2005) might have looked like.

“Here are different models of the iPod Nano, we explored all the possibilities – what if the screen was this big? What if the wheel was that big? What if there was no wheel? »we read in the tweet on which the photo was published.

Among the models visible in the photo, there is one that could have led to the development of an iPod nano with an edge-to-edge screen like iPhone X. But in another tweet, Tony Fadell specifies that it is not a question than 3D printed models, so that employees have something to hold in their hands. ” […] but that’s what made the project real”he said.

“Creating a model is a way to trick your brain, to stimulate your imagination – once you make it physical, once you see it and feel it, you can start imagining how it will become part of your life or yours. of your customers »also writes Fadell.

Tony Fadell shares these images as part of the promotion of his book, BUILD. The author explains that the book includes an entire chapter on the subject. “It’s called Making the Intangible Tangible. It’s one of the most important parts of product development, even if you’re not building hardware.”explains Fadell.

Apple is already planning the next evolution of its iPhone screens

In 2017, when Apple launched the iPhone X, with the edge-to-edge display, the absence of a home button, and the notch for the front sensors, it marked a significant evolution in terms of design at the firm.

And today, rumors are circulating about the next evolution. Apple should keep the edge-to-edge screen on the next iPhones. But according to rumors, the firm could replace the notch with a bubble and a pill on the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

For the moment, it is only a rumor. But given that its competitors have already abandoned the iPhone X style notch on their high-end devices, we can assume that Apple is well obliged to offer an evolution.

On the other hand, the Cupertino company would also develop technology that would later hide the FaceTime camera, as well as the Face ID sensors, under the screen. Some manufacturers already use this technology on some of their models (for example, Samsung). But we can assume that Apple will not venture to hide sensors under the iPhone screen, until the technology is perfect. – Official App

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