Apple: if you have a Mac, you need this accessory in big promotion

News good plan Apple: if you have a Mac, you need this accessory in big promotion

A positive side that can be found with COVID-19 is having access to teleworking more easily. Some have even been able to gain nomadic worker status. This often requires having a laptop. But, being on a laptop requires having to adapt constantly and even having to give up certain peripherals. This is no longer the case with this accessory which is also intended for Mac owners!

Amazon puts a lot of effort into this docking station! With a 45% discount, the latter goes from nearly €200 to just €110! A hell of a reduction that allows you to save money on this device which is likely to change everything in the way you work.

Buy the Baseus station at 110€ at Amazon

The arrival of COVID-19 has shaken up our lifestyle and even the way we work. The service sector, people who have office jobs, first. Indeed, with remote work and teleworking, people have seen that it is not necessarily necessary to be physically present at work to carry out their tasks.

As a result, a whole new wave of workers have adopted nomadism or at least telecommuting.

This implies changes in the places where people work and above all, how they organize their workstations. Those who have to take their PC everywhere immediately had to face a major question: how to successfully connect my PC properly?

Because, by wanting to add a screen, a keyboard, a mouse, or even an external hard drive, we quickly realize that the number of peripherals on a laptop PC are not sufficient.

And if you’ve been used to working with two or more screens, you may become disillusioned, because your machine may not be able to handle all these peripherals.

Hence the interest of having a docking station that can concentrate all the connections of the peripherals that you wish to add. And the one offered in promotion by Amazon is ideal for Macbook users.

It must be said that the promise is beautiful! In addition to managing the usual USB sockets, sound, SD / Micro SD cards and the rest, this station allows you to connect to 3 screens at the same time thanks to its HDMI sockets!

All for less than 120€! So, if you’re tired of the 13-inch diagonal of your PC, it’s clearly time to turn to this accessory that will greatly facilitate your task.

Buy the Baseus station at 110€ at Amazon

One device to bring them all together, and in your PC, link them

Such is the strength of the Baseus docking station. Bringing together 17 peripherals in a single socket, we can speak of a feat. However, to be able to benefit from this feat, your machine must have a USB-C port. Without the latter, there is no salvation.

In the Baseus station, we can thus count:

  • 1 RJ45 socket
  • 3 HDMI sockets
  • 3 USB 2.0 sockets
  • 1 PC USB-C port
  • 1 USB-C PD socket
  • 1 SD/TF socket
  • 3 USB 3.0 sockets
  • 2 USB-C sockets
  • 1 3.5mm jack output

And of course, a power outlet to power the station itself. And with the latter, you arrive at the count of 17 in total!

Operating without a driver, just plug it in for the station to work. Regarding the screens, MacOS users will be advantaged. Indeed, it is possible to use the 3 screens and that of the laptop in addition. For Windows users, if you want to use the 3 peripheral screens independently, your PC screen will be turned off.

Apple: if you have a Mac, you need this accessory in big promotion

This station allows you, by simply plugging in a single socket, to access a real comfortable workstation that will allow you to have all the ergonomics necessary to work peacefully.

Buy the Baseus station at 110€ at Amazon

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