Apple Maps will be more accurate

Apple Maps is getting a long-awaited new feature.

At WWDC, Apple presented features that really surprised us, such as Continuity, which allows the iPhone to be used as a webcam, and others much less… Apple only had the idea now to bring common features to its devices, such as Weather for the iPad or a “brand new” feature for iOS 16.

Starting in the fall, users will thus be able to add intermediate destinations in the native Maps application. Yes, you read that right: it’s not yet possible, or only in a very limited way.

Schedule multiple stops on your trip or easily access your previous routes in Recents. And because Maps syncs across all your devices, you can look up directions on your Mac and view them on your iPhone when you go.”

Currently, it is not possible to plan intermediate stops in advance.

First you need to create and start a route in the Maps app, only then you can add a stop by tapping the up arrow. However, this judgment is limited to these 6 categories:

  • Lunch
  • Gas station
  • Cafes
  • Parkings
  • grocery stores
  • Banks

You must first be lucky that the Maps app finds a suitable destination for these categories. It is not possible to add a destination manually. And even if you add an intermediate stop, the actual route is interrupted. All in all, it’s very complicated, which is why many users avoid Apple’s Maps app for this kind of use and switch to Google Maps.

When iOS 16 is released in the fall, however, you should give the Maps app a second chance.


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