Apple teams in China have taken on more responsibility with the Covid

The health crisis for two years has led Apple to entrust more responsibilities to its employees in China rather than sending battalions of engineers from the United States to the site. wall street journal.

The restrictions put in place in China for the movement of foreign travelers since the outbreak of the pandemic and the renewed activity of the Covid, particularly in Shanghai, in recent weeks have quite closed the tap on the arrival of American engineers who came to assist their Chinese counterparts in the factories.

In normal times, Apple could send around fifty people a day on average between San Francisco and Shanghai. A figure that had leaked in 2019 and which only concerned United Airlines.

United Airlines does not want to see Apple s

United Airlines does not want to see Apple fly to another company

The entry into China having become very complicated, Apple has entrusted more responsibilities to the teams on site, those closest to the parts and products being manufactured or before they are put into volume production.

These local teams, explain the sources of the wall street journal, are no longer content to report technical problems to the teams remaining in the United States. They are now a source of proposals to remedy this. There is still a movement of personnel between the United States and the Chinese factories, but their smaller number means that more analysis capacities have to be delegated.

Video conferences, live chats from channels have become more common. The daily also mentions the use of augmented reality. This is not entirely new, in December 2020, an internal communication on the new methods of organizing work imposed by the health crisis had been made public by Bloomberg.

Apple will telecommute and use augmented reality until

Apple will telecommute and use augmented reality until summer 2021

Dan Riccio, the head of hardware engineering at Apple said that travel to China had experienced a serious decline. Employees in the United States had to juggle time zones to communicate with their colleagues in China and others used iPads to control robots remotely via augmented reality software. There is no doubt that this unprecedented situation has proved to be very instructive for Apple with a view to its own development of products and services in this niche.

Despite the Covid, Apple has not stopped launching new products over the past two years, in the usual periods and at a relatively steady pace. The M1 Macs, if only, have arrived at the worst of times to launch products of this importance. With the exception of a slight delay in 2020 for the marketing of the iPhone 12, there has been no blank year at Apple.

On the other hand, inventory problems remain significant. Tim Cook thus echoed last month of persistent difficulties in the availability of processors. Enough to cut $4 billion to $8 billion from next quarter revenue, according to Apple’s own projections.

Mac Studio M1 Ultra, the slowest Mac to ship

Mac Studio M1 Ultra, the slowest Mac to ship from Apple


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