Apple wants to reduce the number of Geniuses in its stores

According to a Bloomberg report, Apple has initiated a process of reducing technical support positions, the famous genius, in some of its retail stores across the Atlantic. Employees at some sites have been informed that the positions of genius would not be filled after the departure of the persons who previously held these positions.

Apple reviews its Apple Store strategy

Bloomberg cites reports from several Apple Store employees, who suggested that Apple’s lack of hiring could be due to cost-cutting reasons or a decrease in the number of employees at the stores that no longer see the same number of customers after the pandemic.

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Apple did not lay off any employees or freeze hiring, but Apple reportedly withdrew verbal job offers for Genius roles in certain situations, in addition to halting hiring.

Apple’s Genius role has always been a feature of its retail experience, an operation that began in 2001 and now spans more than 270 stores across the United States. But the tech giant has already revamped its approach over the past few years. In many of its stores, Apple has done away with the Genius Bar — an area of ​​the store devoted to troubleshooting — and instead let employees roam around to help customers. Nonetheless, Genius employees continue to provide troubleshooting, removal of repaired products, and general support.

Despite these reports, Genius positions are still being advertised on Apple’s website, which declined to comment on the situation to our peers.

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