Apple Watch: An even more iPhone-independent model in the works?

Apple dominates the connected watch market with its Apple Watch. According to a new patent recently approved, the manufacturer would work on a model of Apple Watch equipped with a camera and which would make it possible to take photos and videos while passing you from your iPhone.

  • Apple is reportedly working on an Apple Watch with a built-in camera
  • The patent shows the camera installed on the digital crown
  • It would be possible to detach the watch from the bracelet using a mechanism

A new patent that has been filed and assigned to Apple has been found by Patently Apple. The sketches show a smartwatch with an integrated camera on its digital crown. Apparently this is a convenient location given that a camera lens usually requires an area with some depth. There are already third-party accessories that allow you to add a camera to your Apple Watch by somehow slipping it into the band, like the rather bulky WristCam.

An Apple Watch with camera for more independence from the iPhone

As for the functionality, the camera would be pointing and taking pictures in the direction of the user’s fingertips. The patent also describes a detachable case via a release mechanism in case the user wants to reposition the watch before taking a photo or video. Also, having the camera on the watch would be beneficial for outdoor fitness enthusiasts who can go out in their iPhone.

The sketch of the Apple Watch with a camera integrated into its digital crown. / © Apple via Patently Apple

Another separate patent is also mentioned in the article. It alludes to a skin sensor that would intelligently monitor the user’s health through band tightness and skin abnormalities such as allergic reactions and swelling. In addition, other diseases could also be determined by analyzing the skin of the wrist using the sensor.

The Apple Watch Series 8 would be full of new features

The upcoming Apple Watch Series 8 is also rumored to bring a major update to its health tracking features. Apple could finally introduce the body temperature sensor that has been long awaited with the Watch Series 7. Moreover, the blood pressure measurement function could also be added to Apple’s smartwatches, but this should only happen in a few years. .

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