Apple’s new HomePod connected speaker is coming this year!

Apple has never been able to become a major player in the smart speaker market. The company’s HomePod was pricey at $349 when it launched in February 2018. Eventually, Apple slashed the price by $50 to $299, but it still wasn’t enough. Eventually, Apple released the HomePod mini in November 2020 for $99 to compete with smaller, cheaper models made by Amazon and Google.

On March 12, 2021, Apple announced that it was abandoning the original, in favor of its miniature version. In a statement, the firm says: The HomePod Mini has been a hit since its debut last fall, giving customers amazing sound, a smart assistant and full home control, all for $99. We focus our efforts on the Mini. We are discontinuing the original, which will remain available while supplies last on the Apple website, Apple Stores and authorized resellers. Firm provides HomePod customers with software updates as well as service and support through Apple Care»

Apple’s long-awaited HomePod smart speaker revival is coming this yearrevealed analyst Ming-Chi Kuo in his latest Twitter post.

For those unaware, the HomePod mini smart speaker series received its latest redesign in October 2021, which brings new color options. However, Apple’s connected speaker has yet to receive an official new generation since it was released in 2018, four years from now.

Despite that, what’s so interesting to point out here is that HomePod speakers are still priced roughly close to what they originally cost when they debuted a few years ago. years. Kuo, who regularly offers updates on the Cupertino tech giant’s products and services, says we’ll see a new HomePod this year.

Not a drastic upgrade

Additionally, Kuo also shared that Apple’s new smart speakers may also debut in the first quarter of 2023. In other words, things aren’t set in stone yet when it comes to the launch window.

Along with when we might see a new HomePod, the analyst also shared what fans should expect once it debuts. Kuo claimed that Apple’s smart speaker shouldn’t see many drastic upgrades. Instead, he tweeted, “that there might not be much innovation in hardware design“.

Apple needs to improve Siri

Where Apple made its mistake with the HomePod is that it was designed with far superior audio capabilities than other connected speakers. But making a device too premium can backfire, especially when it comes to price. Apple hasn’t figured out who the target smart speaker buyer is, thinking they’re audiophiles willing to pay high prices for high-quality sound. But the company won’t make the same mistake, according to Kuo. Apple also needs to improve Siri, not least because a digital assistant is an essential part of a smart speaker.

Currently, Siri lags behind Google Assistant and Alexa in intelligence, comprehension and, according to many smartphone enthusiasts, looks. If Apple can develop a new and improved HomePod, it will help the company create a smart speaker that would be perfect for the living room and other large rooms in the house. And the HomePod mini could be used in smaller rooms where the original model’s huge speaker size isn’t needed.

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