behind the scenes at the Cupertino headquarters

The topic of the day. Located at Cupertino in California, Apple’s headquarters is the subject of many questions. Usually closed to the public, the company decided to open the doors of its building toimpressive architecture, to journalists. Today, the vastness of the seats is no longer shocking. After Facebook, Amazon and Google, these offices that can be described as “business cities” have become the norm… but where are the limits?

Why are we talking about it ? Why did Apple’s headquarters decide to open its doors to journalists, on what occasion? Were the buildings of the tech giants designed as a showcase for the brand?

To analyse. “It was on the occasion of the WWDC (Apple Worldwide Developers Conference), it is one of the two major conferences of Apple. It’s not the September Keynote where iPhones and products are presented, it’s the software conference where we discover the major developments in iOS. It’s the iOS 16 update and all the features that are coming this fall to the iPhones that are out there.” Benjamin Hue, RTL tech specialist.

“It was a physical way of bringing brands into existence that were, in general, very young and very virtual. And all of a sudden you had a building, a local anchor that installed and offered visibility. We found the logic that existed when we built the huge buildings of New York or major American cities. The higher it is, the more powerful it is and the more it dominates the world. There was also this desire to be part of this tradition, by creating huge campuses and huge headquarters”, adds Martial You, head of the economy department at RTL.

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