Between Covid-19 and difficult supply: Apple’s subcontractors on the front line

If Apple has been able to escape supply chain disruptions for a long time, the manufacturer attacked the hard last fall by accumulating the shortfall: over the last two quarters of 2021, it amounts to more than 12 billion dollars . And Apple has warned that in the second quarter of this year, this shortfall linked to sales that could not be made will amount to something between 4 and 8 billion.

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And to the problem of supplies of electronic components is added the health policy of the Chinese authorities, which demand the closure and containment of factories at the slightest case of contamination. It is not only Apple’s accounts that are crying famine ( even if it is difficult to feel sorry for oneself). Subcontractors are also on the front line.

Nikkei takes stock of the results of several of Apple’s Asian industrial partners, and it’s not brilliant. Quanta, which assembles the majority of the brand’s laptops, posted sales of $2.23 billion in April, down 21% from a year ago. The previously discussed Quanta production issues are causing delays and delays in MacBook Pro shipments.

Quanta CEO CC Leung, however, is hopeful of resuming production at 50% of the company’s capacity by mid-May. Laptop deliveries should therefore improve 🤞. However for the second quarter, from April to the end of June, ” there will be an impact on laptop deliveries he warns. In other words, it may still be a bit complicated to get a MacBook quickly. Enough to postpone the launch of the future MacBook Air?

Among other Apple subcontractors, Compal Electronics is also struggling with sales down 50% in April compared to March (and 40% year-on-year). . Compal assembles the iPad, the only category in decline at Apple in the last quarter (-2%). Half of Apple’s top 200 suppliers have factories in Shanghai and Jiangsu province, regions where lockdowns and transportation restrictions have severely disrupted economic activity.

To make matters worse, workers on several production lines began to revolt against the very strict anti-Covid quota measures. Riots even took place last Thursday at the Quanta site in Shanghai. It’s quite confusing, it seems that the scuffles originated from the ban on workers leaving the factory to join their dormitories.

How global shortages are limiting iPhone production

How global shortages are limiting iPhone production


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