Beware, like Elon Musk, you may be shocked by this optical illusion

If some can be fun, sometimes optical illusions become real anxiety for our brain. It even shocked the richest man on the planet, Elon Musk.

But my brain is crazy?“. This is probably what you are going to ask yourself after looking at these two insignificant little cubes that will play tricks on you. Be careful not to stare at them too much anyway, you risk quickly becoming anxious!

The illusion of two cubes

In 2020 on Twitter, an Internet user decides to post what will later become one of the greatest illusions to appear on the web in recent years. It is, however, a very simple image: two fixed cubes give the impression of rotating on themselves, in different directions, whereas if you look closely, the two shapes do not move at all. But how on earth is that possible? The Encyclopedia Britannica, the echo of which was recently reported by our colleagues from the New York Post, explains in part what is hard to believe: “The illusion is believed to be due to a principle of perception called the phi phenomenon, an “illusion of motion” created when a pair of stationary objects are placed side by side and illuminated rapidly“.

Elon Musk shocked

As you will have understood, it is at the level of your brain that this is played out. The information received and retransmitted is then different and science is still struggling to understand exactly how this phenomenon works. But don’t worry, you’re far from alone in being stunned by those pesky fixed-mobile cubes. Some Elon Muskvery present on social networks shared his amazement above the original post with a simple “wow” but which is very reminiscent of our first reaction to the two cubes. However, try not to understand too much how they manage to “move”, you will not sleep at night.

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