“Big resignation”: these American employees who decide to leave everything behind

In March, 4.5 million American workers left their jobs, a record. This represents 47 million resigners over the whole of 2021, or 30% of salaried employment in the United States. And this “big quit” (“big quit” in vo), as it is called across the Atlantic, seems to be a long-term one. “People hate their boss, think they don’t make enough money, they don’t have enough career prospects… in short, they want moreexplains Chris Kayes, professor of management at George Washington University in Washington. During the pandemic, telework served as a revealer of all this, so me, more than a great resignation, I am talking about a great awareness.“.

In companies, human resources must manage these massive departures. The difficulty of recruiting too, because currently, it is the employees who are in a position of strength. Alison Stevens, Director of Human Resources at Paychex, testifies: “We have to retain employees more and more, and sometimes we have to be very inventive. For example, we go so far as to have meals delivered to employees who are teleworking“. In all, 11.5 million jobs are still to be filled in the United States.


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