Bluetooth changes for the first time in years, something new is coming

the Bluetooth turns 23 and its connectivity technology has moved from version 1.0 to version 5.0 in a very gradual way. The goal is to make it more stable, more secure and more efficient. However, in two decades, the organization issuing the Bluetooth licenses has never left to explore other uses frequently. Founded by Ericsson, Intel, IBM, Nokia and Toshiba, the Bluetooth SIG had remained very discreet… until June 2022.

Unlimited number of devices

It is a sufficiently rare speech to be listened to. Earlier this month, the Bluetooth SIG announced the founding of a new brand called Auracast, based on Bluetooth technology, which will go much further than a connection limited to two devices. The goal is to be able to output audio to an unlimited number of nearby devices.

Technology dictates that you only need one transmitter to cover it all. In a conference, for example, it will therefore be possible to pair dozens or even hundreds of devices with Bluetooth functionality to receive audio (from a translation, for example).

Mark Powell, CEO of Bluetooth SIG, says the launch of Auracast “will reshape personal audio and enable public places and spaces to deliver audio experiences that will improve visitor satisfaction and increase accessibility”. To be able to take advantage of it, the devices will nevertheless have to be compatible with Auracast, which the CEO of the Bluetooth SIG hopes to be able to deploy “in the coming months”.

A Google engineer reacts

In view of the expanse of the system, electronic device brands must certainly be aware and in discussion to adopt the new Bluetooth protocol. In fact, Google engineer Peter Liu said that “Bluetooth technology extends its track record of innovation with the launch of Auracast audio streaming. We at Google are proud to be working with the Bluetooth SIG and excited to see this ability to give consumers imaginative new ways to connect with each other and hear their world.”

At the crossroads between a Wi-Fi connection through its connectivity and radio broadcasting through its use, the new Bluetooth Auracast takes the example, on its presentation web page, of a Bluetooth Auracast network, in an airport, available to keep up to date with announcements for flights. A sequel to Bluetooth LE technology, which was a first step for the Internet of Things (IoT) protocol.

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