BtoB: Expedia Group adopts American Airlines’ NDC reservation technology

The American Travel Group Expedia Group offers more choices for travelers booking flights American Airlines thanks to a scalable direct connection via the new NDC reservation technology (New Distribution Capability) provided by the airline.

On Expedia Group sites, travelers now have access to all fare products from American Airlines. For example, they can personalize their trip and choose premium offers, such as Main Plus. Available only through NDC technology, Main Plus includes complimentary access to Main Cabin Extra, preferred seating, priority boarding and one free checked bag in addition to Main Cabin’s baggage allowance. In the future, other additional offers and options, such as carbon offsetting, will be available through this partnership.

The integration of NDC technology strengthens the cooperation between American Airlines and Expedia Group, its most important third-party agency. The addition of outlets in North America represents the result of several years of successful flight bookings through an existing connection through NDC technology between the two groups at several European outlets. Through this collaboration, two of the largest American players in the travel industry will be able to offer travelers around the world more opportunities to personalize their travel experience. Choices and offers that are not available in traditional GDS (Global Distribution System) reservation systems.

Expedia Group is strategically positioned to deliver this NDC capability to end customers around the world. This milestone marks a turning point in the broad industry adoption of NDC-enabled connections between suppliers and sellers, and we look forward to continuing to work with our travel partners to find the best connectivity options. says Julie Kyse, Vice President Global Air Partnerships at Expedia Group.

If the partnership with American Airlines is formalized today, Expedia Group also uses the NDC technology of other airlines in a still informal way to access a wider offer. So what about the GDS, the old reservation system still used all over the world by travel and airline players? ” We use both systems, we take the best from both. The new NDC technology will not take hold overnight due to its investment and development cost “says Julie Kyse.

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