but what comes out of the exhaust pipes of this Model 3?

A customized Model 3 has been spotted in Europe with a disturbing detail on the back: exhausts. Ion propulsion, release of excess electrons or simple nostalgia for the thermal car?

A Model 3, like the rest of Tesla cars, is meant to be an electric car. If we forget this youtubeur who equipped a Model S with a v8 engine, there is therefore no reason to find an exhaust line on a vehicle of this type.

Credit: Reddit/sloth_on_meth

An electric car uses electrical energy stored in batteries to power a motor made up of coils, magnets and other electrical elements. There is no combustion therefore no gas emission at the exit of the engine. It should be noted that this is indeed the operation of the engine and not an environmental assessment. The production of batteries and electricity is of course to be taken into account, but technically, the operation of the engine does not require any exhaust.

The interest of exhaust pipes

It therefore seems that the interest is purely aesthetic. One of the arguments of the electric car is its silence. This type of vehicle offers incredible driving pleasure. A monstrous couple permanently available, no vibration, no noise. The hearing comfort of a Rolls Royce coupled with impressive performance in the case of Tesla.

Except that this lack of noise can also be a source of frustration for some car enthusiasts. If it is true that on a daily basis or for a long journey, silence is appreciable, from time to time the sweet song of a V8 is appreciated just as much.

While most electric car owners are proud of their choice, nostalgia for the roar of the engine may lead some to make small changes. This Model 3 owner decided to add an exhaust line to his car. Except that in the state, this addition would be purely aesthetic and would not deceive passers-by by the absence of associated noise.

Making noise in electric, it’s possible

However, there are companies like Milltek Sport that offer to add a noise generator to simulate different engine noises from V6 to V12. The rendering looks quite realistic and offers many advantages. In addition to the pleasure of rediscovering the characteristic roar of the heat engine, this system makes it possible to be heard by distracted pedestrians. The icing on the cake, this kind of generator can be disconnected to find the silence of the electric motor on long roads.

The Reddit user who shared this photo, however, does not specify if the car was emitting any noise, so it is impossible to know if the car was equipped with a generator or not. For the most skeptical, it should be mentioned that even thermal cars use recorded noises which are broadcast in the loudspeakers to compensate for the soundproofing of the vehicle and give it more character. This is the case for example of the Golf Gti, the Ford Mustang or the Lamborghini Urus.

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