Can Joe Biden protect the right to abortion in the United States?

Within hours of the release of the Supreme Court’s working paper challenging Roe v. Wade of 1973, who recognized abortion as a constitutionally protected right, President Biden “immediately reacted by promising to fight to protect access to abortion, saying: ‘We will be ready when the judgment falls’”reports the washington post.

“Wind of Panic”

A “wind of panic” even blew on the White House on May 3, underlines the daily newspaper of the federal capital, when Biden and his advisers, taken aback by the leak emanating from the Supreme Court, realized how much “they had few tools at their disposal the day Roe v. Wade would be canceled”.

The Biden government has indeed few options to thwart the long-awaited final judgment of the Supreme Court, which could come in late June or early July. One of them would be to ensure the financing

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