Canadian Tesla buyers will have to pay an extra $2,200 for the FSD option

Tesla Model 3 | Photo: Tesla

  • This brings the price of this option to $12,800.

  • Beta testing only started last March in Canada

  • The company did not announce the price change as it usually does

Many Canadians considering the purchase of a Tesla vehicle have been disappointed since they noticed that $2,200 was added to the price of the “full self-driving” (FSD) option overnight.

Tesla is known to change the prices of its vehicles and options quite frequently, but it usually notifies owners and interested parties before the price increase to give them a chance to buy at a lower price.

That’s not what was done when the automaker decided to add $2,200 to its FSD system a few days ago. This brings the price of this system to $12,800, a price that many consider too high for a technology that is not yet widely available and is still in beta testing.

In the United States, where beta testing began some time ago, FSD performance has been found to vary by location.

This is because this system works with what Tesla calls a neural network, which means that every Tesla vehicle driving through an area is able to contribute data to a central database which can then be used. to improve system capabilities for that specific area.

This means that the system is quite competent in areas where many Tesla vehicles have been driving for years, but still struggles in areas where there are fewer of them.

This is a problem for Canada, because there are obviously fewer Tesla vehicles here than in the United States, but also because beta testing only started in the country in March of this year, which means neural networks for Canada are still very new.

Tesla justifies this by saying that when the system launches with full self-driving capability, which was promised a few years ago, it will cost significantly more than it does now. So, even with the recent increases, the $12,800 price should be considered a bargain.

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