CarPlay: Did Apple unveil a bit of its Apple Car at WWDC 2022?

When WWDC 2022, Apple unveiled the next version of CarPlay, almost a revolution in view of the huge interface change. Above all, during this presentation, CarPlay was described as a complete replacement for the dashboard, an on-board OS which this time will provide all the functions of the cabin, including the display of speedometers or fuel. . This versatility (and omnipresence) is illustrated in a striking animation, where we see a dashboard entirely composed of a single screen which extends from the driver’s seat to that of the passenger. Below this impressive screen strip, there is a second rectangular screen with the classic CarPlay icons, a bit like Tesla.

A futuristic dashboard: that of the Apple Car?

Apple Carplay WWDC 2022

No vehicle still today displays such a dashboard, none… except perhaps the next Apple Car? Several American journalists and analysts have indeed begun to speculate on the fact that this “concept” of CarPlay (whose final version is expected next year) could also hide a big clue concerning the future Apple Car. Knowing what Apple has just revealed to us, it now seems quite unlikely that the Apple Car does not display this huge screen-dashboard on the front. And if this is the case, many car manufacturers can still begin to ask questions…

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