Researchers reprogram an AirTag and point a few holes in Apple’s racket

Researchers looked into what was hidden under the hood of AirTags and wanted to see what it was possible to do by tweaking the small connected tag. They discovered some big weaknesses that Apple will have a hard time correcting, except by thoroughly reviewing its device. Their report reveals that the accessory is susceptible to … Read more

Apple struggles with unions, and we’re testing Castlevania Grimoire of Souls

Every morning of the week, listen wake up, Club iGen’s daily podcast! In less than ten minutes, we go around the news of the day before, with the addition of a test, an interview, or a return on information. All in less than ten minutes! Congratulations to you who are on your feet, ready to … Read more

10 tricks to know (and use)

The Apple AirPods Pro are very compact earbuds, but packed with features. Here are 10 tips you should know. Apple offers many audio products, AirPods Pro are among the best. Even compared to the newer AirPods 3, the AirPods Pro are still great in terms of features. In particular because the latter have certain unique … Read more

Waze finally offers integration with Apple Music

Google’s navigation app is updating and now lets users enjoy Apple Music without leaving the app. “Waze and Apple Music are teaming up to give iOS users access to a selection of over 90 million music tracks, Apple Music Radio and tens of thousands of playlists, directly from their Waze application”, explains the company. “All … Read more

The Apple Watch gets “Pride Edition” straps

To celebrate Pride Month, Apple unveiled new straps to equip its connected watches. These accessories, accompanied by dynamic dials Pride Edition, combine several colors reflecting the group support for the LGBTQ+ movement and equality. The different shades also pay tribute to people living with or who have died from HIV/AIDS. Apple will soon launch a … Read more