A security flaw revealed in the Apple M1 chips?

Pressure on Apple, whose M1 processors are apparently vulnerable to a rather worrying attack called Pacman. A demonstration will take place in a few days. The firm at the apple remains silent. Security experts from the prestigious MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) have, according to them, managed to “bringing down the last line of security” … Read more

Apple would count on the pressure of its customers to impose the new CarPlay

The brand new CarPlay presented at WWDC was a surprise. If the rumor had already considered the hypothesis of a system better integrated into the cars, we did not expect a complete system which takes over that of the car and manages all the screens. What Apple showed off last week looks a lot more … Read more

How to Remove Activation Lock without Apple ID

Online discussion forums are filled with users who ask: ” How to Remove Activation Lock from iPhone without Apple ID? ยป Getting stuck on iPhone activation lock screen is quite common among users. This happens when you forget the Apple ID password or buy an iPhone that has already been synced with the previous owner’s … Read more

Apple M1 processor vulnerable to unpatchable hardware attack

MIT researchers use a technique inspired by Meltdown and Specter to circumvent a fundamental protection of the memory space of the M1 processor. You may remember Meltdown and Spectre, those incredible attacks that relied on a fundamental feature of recent processors: speculative execution. The processors pre-execute instructions which have a high probability of arriving in … Read more

huge promo on apple earphones

SHOPPING The editorial staff of Europe 1 did not participate in the production of this article. At Amazon, Apple is slashing prices for its AirPods line. The online sales giant offers AirPods 2, AirPods 3, AirPods Pro and AirPods Max at the best price with discounts of up to -130 euros. Payment in installments is … Read more

Apple’s AR glasses more or less planned for the end of 2024

Apple’s mixed reality headset is still not on our noses and we already have to prepare for the manufacturer’s glasses. According to Jeff Pu, a generally well-informed analyst, Apple is planning a launch of this AR device towards the end of 2024. Image Global X (CC BY) Even more than the helmet, these glasses are … Read more