the latest update will save you time

It is now possible to copy, cut or paste folders using classic PC shortcuts on Google Drive, in addition to some welcome new features. Only problem: if you do not use Chrome, impossible to take advantage of it. Google Drive finally passes the course of copy-paste. Until now, to move files in groups, you had … Read more

Google Street View: what are the most visited places in France and around the world?

To celebrate this anniversary with dignity, Google has just published the Top 10 most visited places in the world over the past twelve months via Street View. And France is only in 9th place, outstripped in Europe by Spain and Italy, far behind Indonesia, in the lead, followed by the United States and Japan. Another … Read more

you will save a lot of time with this update

On Windows, Linux and on Mac, it is possible in almost any application to make multiple text selections. Namely select for example a paragraph, then another a little later simultaneously. In general, this requires making a first selection, pressing a key on the keyboard, then while holding it down, making another selection. Thanks to this, … Read more

Fully digitized, the Duomo Milan as never seen on Google Arts & Culture

Google has just completed the digitization of the Duomo of Milan and offers an exceptional virtual experience: the discovery in the smallest details of the cathedral, on the screens. It took five and a half centuries and dozens of architects to build it – Google digitized it in just two years. The third largest church … Read more

How do I see all my responses to a Google Form?

Google Form is one of the most trusted digital tools for eLearning solutions. This tool collects data in several ways and organizes this information in the most convenient way. It is also used to classify the student’s response. Once the student has completed the given assignment, they can add their answers and submit them to … Read more