Austria wants to fight deepfakes as the technology is used more and more –

The Austrian government published on Wednesday (25 May) an action plan to combat “deep fakes”, with the aim of better combating misinformation and hate speech. Several pieces of legislation also aim to tackle this growing problem at European level. The rise of digital, which has been accelerated by the pandemic, is leading to a rapid … Read more

BASF uses Crypto Blockchain technology for traceability of sustainable palm oil

“We are proud to advance our longstanding commitment to responsible sourcing of sustainable palm ingredients by understanding how we can leverage the power of blockchain technology,” said Marcelo Lu, Senior Vice President of Care Chemicals North. BASF announces the success of a blockchain pilot platform, “proof of concept in response to one of the most … Read more

In the Rome metro, NATO tests its anti-terrorism technologies

In the Rome metro, NATO soldiers are testing technologies capable of detecting weapons or explosives: the Atlantic Alliance, mobilized by the war in Ukraine which is raging on its borders, is also maneuvering on a more insidious front , that of domestic terrorism. Project Dexter is one of the Alliance’s non-military scientific research projects. It … Read more

AI developed in Quebec very little used in the province

Quebec artificial intelligence (AI) is still struggling to get out of the labs. Although Quebec is a recognized international center for the development of technologies associated with AI, its SMEs and other organizations make very little use of them. They are missing an opportunity to increase their productivity or improve their short-term profitability. The start-up … Read more

Airbus sets up factory in UK to focus on hydrogen technology for aircraft – Reuters

A model of one of Airbus’ ZEROe concept planes, pictured in November 2021. The firm said it wants to develop “zero emissions commercial aircraft” by 2035. Giuseppe Cacace | AFP | Getty Images Airbus is launching a UK-based facility focused on hydrogen technologies, a move that represents the company’s latest attempt to support the design … Read more

Our selection of technological objects to watch over seniors

Falls, poor hydration, lack of activity… Technology offers us effective means of looking after our elders without invading them. The Orpea scandal has revived concerns. Should we risk abandoning our parents to the organized abuse of places of death at prohibitive prices? The answer is obviously no. But what to do with the loss of … Read more

The WIKWEMOT project uses technology to transmit Anicinabe culture

In recent years, several efforts have been made by the Aboriginal communities of Qubec to pass on their culture and language to new generations. Using digital technology, the WIKWEMOT project is developing an interactive application that will allow young people in primary and secondary schools to discover their traditions and their Anicinabemowin language. As part … Read more