Elon Musk accused by Twitter shareholders of ‘manipulating the market’

The plaintiffs accuse the boss of Tesla of having delayed the moment when he revealed that he had taken a stake in Twitter, a legal obligation beyond certain thresholds. Twitter shareholders have filed a complaint against Elon Musk, whom they accuse of manipulating the market to save money in his takeover of the social network. … Read more

How Apple, Starbucks, Amazon and Tesla are opposing the unionization of their employees

Apple on Thursday announced a 10% increase in minimum wage at its US stores. Objective: to convince employees that they have no interest in entrusting their destiny to a union. But other giants have a much more offensive approach. Wage increases to cope with inflation, better working conditions… With the sharp drop in unemployment in … Read more

Tesla’s Autopilot will be even more limited in Europe

As Tesla’s self-driving continues to steadily advance in the US, European regulations will once again remove a feature used by some old continent Tesla owners. Tesla Model 3 in Autopilot Navigation // Source: Bob Jouy for Frandroid While Tesla’s Autopilot, which combines adaptive cruise control and active lane keeping, is standard on all vehicles sold … Read more

Tesla delivers its huge batteries to a gigantic photovoltaic bitcoin mine

Despite the fall in the price of bitcoin, investments continue to undermine the precious digital currency. The proof with this huge photovoltaic installation for which Tesla has just delivered 4 Megapacks of batteries. Located in Texas, the installation, which we have already told you about, is the result of a partnership between Tesla, Blockstream and … Read more

Why the Tesla Model S sucks

Outdated, Tesla’s big sedan? Not so fast. Technically, the Model S is not the very first model from Tesla which had already marketed the Roadster before it, an ultra-sporty convertible based on the Lotus Elise. But it is indeed the first vehicle entirely designed in-house by the manufacturer of Elon Musk, and the one which … Read more

How Tesla plans to shake up the auto market again

After having largely contributed to the democratization of the electric car, Tesla is about to revolutionize the auto industry again. the Tesla Advanced Battery Researcha battery research center created in 2016 in collaboration with Dalhousie University (Nova Scotia, Canada), has made a discovery that could well disrupt the electric vehicle market. Among the researchers at … Read more

Is Tesla on the verge of a stock market crash?

As of this writing, May 25, 2022, Tesla is worth 640 billion euros on the stock market. Toyota, the second best-rated automaker on the stock market, is worth “only” 207 billion. In 2021, Toyota sold 10.5 million vehicles. Tesla broke its record by producing 930,422. And again, these valuations take into account the sharp drop … Read more