the end of Tesla dominance is near

By 2024, Volkswagen will sell more electric cars than Tesla, according to a report. Chinese groups will follow these two giants. The market for electric vehicles is probably only in its infancy. The sale of thermal vehicles will be banned in the European Union by 2035. Manufacturers will therefore turn more and more to electric. … Read more

Tesla raises prices again

Inflation, component shortages, energy costs, shipping…the price hike was predictable, and should give many potential Tesla customers pause. The price of the Model 3 in France increases again to settle at €53,490, the site tells us. Formerly right in the price to take full advantage of the ecological bonus (43,800 €), the price of … Read more

Should Teslas be banned like in China?

Wed 06/22/2022 — You will have to ask the question. You walk quietly in the street, in a residential area where there is no one, but you are filmed. Because without realizing it, you walked within 2 meters of a Tesla in sentry mode. It’s hard to be against video surveillance. In Nice or Cannes, … Read more