China and the United States congratulate Marcos Jr on his election

The United States and China have congratulated Ferdinand Marcos Jr on his victory in the Philippine presidential election, as rival superpowers seek to strengthen ties with the country amid regional tensions.

In a phone call Wednesday, Chinese President Xi Jinping told Marcos that the two countries had been “partners against all oddsChinese state television reported Thursday. “I attach great importance to the development of China-Philippines relations and am willing to establish a good working relationship with President-elect Marcos, adhere to good neighborliness and friendship.said Xi Jinping.

The United States has said it will seek close security ties with the Philippines under Marcos Jr, but has made clear its intention to raise the issue of human rights. In a phone call, US President Joe Biden congratulated Marcos Jr and said he wanted to expand cooperation on multiple levels, including climate change and “respect for human rights“.

Engagement with China

Marcos Jr, son of the late Philippine dictator of the same name, won more than half of the vote in Monday’s poll, winning the presidency by a wide margin and securing the powerful family’s return to the pinnacle of power. He and his running mate Sara Duterte, who handily won the vice presidential race in a separate ballot, embraced incumbent President Rodrigo Duterte’s key policies, including his stance on China. During his mandate (2016-2022) President Duterte had moved closer to China, to the detriment of the United States, avoiding confronting Beijing on territorial disputes in the South China Sea.

In particular, he had set aside an international decision on the South China Sea in exchange for promises of trade and investment. Ahead of the election, Marcos Jr said he would be looking for “commitmentwith China rather than confrontation over their rival claims in the South China Sea. “President Duterte’s engagement approach is correct because, in my view, it is the only way to resolve our conflicting claims with China.“, he had declared.


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