Citrix integrates its DaaS offer with Google Cloud

Citrix continues to push its Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) offering to meet the needs of remote workers and hybrid working. After having offered it on Microsoft Azure, the Fort Lauderdale firm announces its availability via the Google Cloud Marketplace. It thus intends to facilitate the transition for companies that have Citrix VDI solutions on premises and want to move to DaaS on the public cloud.

To meet all business needs, however, Citrix offers its DaaS offer in two versions. The first, called “Hybrid DaaS”, makes it possible to reconcile on-site use and its expansion into the cloud. The second, “DaaS for hyperscalers”, primarily targets companies embarking on their first cloud initiatives. Citrix presents it as a turnkey solution, which allows the rapid deployment of virtual applications and desktops on Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud public clouds.

The offer for Google Cloud is itself available in two versions. A Standard version for companies that are embarking on DaaS and are looking for a complete but simple and affordable solution. And a Premium version for more experienced companies looking to modernize and secure their installation. The latter provides administrators with tools for migrations, rapid provisioning and optimization. In the case of the Standard version as in that of the Premium version, the invoicing will go through Google with a single invoice for DaaS and cloud expenses.

Citrix also announces the availability of its image portability service for Google Cloud. The latter, which automates the deployment of an existing master image to the cloud, simplifies migration, streamlines image management, and provides disaster recovery and business continuity capabilities.

“Businesses are moving rapidly toward hybrid working adoption, and IT needs a way that’s efficient, cost-effective, secure, and flexible”commented in a press release Carisa Stringer, vice president of product marketing at Citrix. “Together with Google, we are committed to providing solutions and resources that simplify and accelerate the process and produce results. »

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