Cosmetics: when technology is at the service of beauty


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F. Mathieux, L. Houeix, P. Montels, A. D’Abrigeon – France 2

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We knew day, night and other creams. We knew the surgery. In terms of the elixir of youth, here is technology wanting to invite itself into our bathroom. Whether the promises will be kept remains to be seen.

Futuristic, connected, ultrasonic or pulsed light, tomorrow they will be our well-being auxiliaries. Some of these devices have already appeared on our shelves. When technology is at the service of beauty. LEDs, waves associated with a serum, to erase wrinkles or erase redness, that is the promise of this new object. Gadget at 250 euros or real innovation? It was at the innovation center of the Cochin hospital in Paris that the device was designed by doctors, with one objective: to repair the skin using light.

Subjected to a certain intensity of light, the damaged cells would regenerate. The method would be particularly effective for wrinkles and in the treatment of acne. In France, in Chartres (Eure-et-Loir) the future is being invented. At the foot of the Gothic cathedral, the Cosmetic Valley and its start-ups. There, the developers use artificial intelligence to develop precision cosmetics. Tomorrow, a simple selfie can tell you which product to use. But beware, according to dermatologists, all these innovations cannot replace the advice of professionals.

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