Digital technology at the service of catering

How to make a fast and quality delivery? It is to answer this question and optimize processes that the founders of Wedely launched, in 2016, their own platform for ordering and delivering meals at home. ” Initially, we were an IT company, and we put our skills to work to create a very effective solution to connect customers, restaurateurs and delivery peopleexplains Filippo Biasotto, CEO and Project Manager of Wedely. Thanks to the control offered by this tool, we can guarantee a delivery time of less than 35 minutes. We know that the first priority for the customer is to receive his meal quickly.»

But to keep this promise, Wedely also had to apply strict criteria to select the restaurants with which the company collaborates. ” We really want to offer a level of service where the customer is the center of attentionsays Emanuele Chichi, CEO and Project Manager of Wedely. To do this, we must ensure that the restaurants that are on the platform are able to prepare their dishes in the allotted time and with consistent quality. Our technology and our exclusive delivery optimization algorithm will then orchestrate everything in the best possible way.. It is also to guarantee professional service and fast food delivery that a maximum distance of 5 kilometers between the restaurant and the delivery point is accepted.

Constant research and innovation are the ingredients of Wedely’s success.

Emanuele Chichi,&nbsp CEO and Project Manager,&nbsp Wedely

A new market for restaurants

The delivery company has experienced constant development since its creation, which accelerated during the Covid crisis. “In the space of six months, we experienced a significant increase in demand, before it returned to normalrecalls Filippo Biasotto.Companies have quickly gone digital and Wedely has provided them with the technological tools to support this change in a simple and effective way. Our significant support for restaurants struggling with the situation as well as customers makes us very proud of our work.. »

It is true that beyond the advantages that Wedely offers to users of the platform, it is also the restaurants that have every interest in integrating it. “Some people don’t go to restaurants for different reasons. By not positioning itself in this niche, a restaurant therefore loses an entire market.“says Emanuele Chichi. The head of Wedely points in particular to the interest of selling dishes online for new restaurants.

By integrating the platform, these restaurants will instantly be put in contact with thousands of potential customers. We make sure to highlight them on our website and our social networks. As for the restaurants already established, they can virtually enlarge their room by several dozen seats thanks to Wedely. It’s definitely a way to grow your business, especially since we distribute the customers in a balanced way according to the areas to maximize the number of orders for each establishment.»

By managing its IT internally, Wedely also offers great flexibility to restaurants. They can have an overview of customer preferences and comments, and adapt their menu easily, by themselves, through a control panel to which they have direct access.

Thanks to the tools we offer and the data we collect, we are able to tell restaurateurs what dishes customers want, at what time and on what day, generating efficiency that was unthinkable until recently. The restaurant can then optimize its offer by experimenting with new services and satisfying the needs of customers.commented Filippo Biasotto. Note that it is also offered to restaurants to take advantage of a photo shoot to give a better overview of their dishes – an approach that would increase the number of orders placed tenfold.

Last advantage: there are no entry fees for partner establishments, who will simply have to pay a commission based on the number of orders placed.

Satisfying the needs of restaurants and increasing customer loyalty are our missions.

Filippo Biasotto ,&nbsp CEO and Project Manager,&nbsp Wedely

In Luxembourg, and now in the North

Since its creation, Wedely has focused on the Luxembourg capital, offering food delivery in and near Luxembourg-city and in the South, covering the main cities of the region. But since 2022, the company has been developing in the North, such as in Diekirch and Ettelbruck. It is not excluded that, in the coming years, the platform for ordering and delivering meals to homes will be exported outside the Grand Duchy.

In the meantime, the two founders of Wedely are seeking to improve their tool, in particular by offering new services. And they are not short of ideas. “We started out as an IT company that managed to connect customers and restaurateurs. So why not connect customers with other service providers, still with real-time deliveries? Important new features will be available in the very near future“, explains Filippo Biasotto.

With this motivation and attention to quality of service, the possibilities are indeed endless for this company.made in Luxemburg.

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