discover the new futuristic screen of Model S and Model X

A few days ago, a Tesla Model S was spotted with a rather practical new option on board when it comes to its (huge) screen. Indeed, the touch screen of this new Model S is equipped with a motorized system, allowing it to pivot towards the user or the passenger, from its initial position. An operation that is carried out very simply, by pressing a dedicated button. The driver can thus position the screen towards him or his passenger at will, or leave it in the central position, the “by default“.

A swivel screen at Tesla

It may be a detail for you, but for the Tesla driver it means a lot. That means he was free, happy to finally be able to rotate his screen. Indeed, if the Model S and Model X were updated at the beginning of 2021, the first models equipped with this pivoting system (then promised) finally seem to be arriving on the market. It is therefore practical to best position the imposing 17″ screen that sits on board American electric cars.

Excellent news therefore for all those who have recently ordered a Tesla Model S or Model X, since this functionality seems destined to be integrated into the models that have left the factory for a few days. While some car manufacturers orient their central screen towards the driver by default, Tesla now offers three positions to choose from, which is a definite advantage when it comes to the user experience.

A few weeks ago, this option had however been removed from the Tesla catalog, even if a disassembly of a Model S at the beginning of the year had shown that the swivel mechanism was indeed present behind the screen… but without the slightest motor for it. activate it.

The American manufacturer may have been the victim of the component shortage that affects many industries, or of another concern, the fact remains that the motorized swivel screen does indeed exist at Tesla, and it is an excellent news.

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