Do the French prefer Tesla to Mercedes and Audi?

The Tesla Model 3 now beats all models of premium brands in the French sales ranking. Will the Californian manufacturer overtake the Germans this year?

With its tight addition of €43,800 and its high-level features, the Tesla Model 3 continues to sell like hot cakes in our market. In February 2022, down sharply once again (-13% compared to 2021), it is the Peugeot 208 which found the most customers with 14,044 salesahead of the Citroën C3 (10,190). But among the premium brands, you have to go down to 20th place to find the first model from a German group, which is other than the Mini (2,619 units). It is preceded by…the Tesla Model 3 (17th – 2,754 units).

In terms of brands, BMW remains in the lead in premium with its 3,481 cars sold in France in total in the month of February, which allows it to climb to ninth position. But knowing that the Model Y has just landed on the market, Tesla’s figures are likely to increase sharply in the months to come.

Tesla number 1 in premium in France?

It will therefore be interesting to follow the evolution of sales over the rest of 2022. The Tesla Model 3 could establish itself as the number 1 premium car on the market. And depending on the performance of the new Model Y (which will depend mainly on the rate of deliveries), Tesla could pass before BMW, Mercedes and Audi in the ranking of brands this year in France.

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