eleven nurses from the same hospital became pregnant at the same time

In the United States, eleven nurses from the same hospital have one thing in common: they got pregnant almost at the same time.

Pink notebook at Liberty Hospital in Missouri (USA). Ten nurses and a doctor working in the birthing service fell…pregnant at the same time! Among them, some are expecting their first child, others are already mothers.

Photo credit: Liberty Hospital

This is particularly the case of Doctor Anna Gorman. The latter is preparing for the arrival of her second child with her colleagues:

“I think this situation is really unique because they work in the same unit (…) So of course it happens, but it is rather exciting when it is so important”the obstetrician-gynecologist told Good Morning America.

Anna Gorman. Photo credit Liberty Hospital

An enriching experience

Unsurprisingly, this coincidence delights the girls. Together, they help each other and exchange valuable advice on pregnancy: “It’s really a great experience (…) It’s great to be able to support each other and experience pregnancy together”said Alex Atcheson.

Alison Harrel. Photo credit: Liberty Hospital

Like her colleague, Alison Harrel, the 29-year-old is pregnant with her third child: “Alex and I understood quite early that we were due to give birth on the same day”. The due date is scheduled for May 27. For her part, Katie Bestgen will welcome her infant on July 20.

Katie Bestgen. Photo credit: Liberty Hospital

The youngest of the unit, Christen Burns, 26, will become for the first time: “I was one of the last to tell everyone I was pregnant”she confided to the American news site.

In total, births will take place between May and November. In the meantime, the nurses continue to support each other while working.

This is not the first time such a phoneme has occurred in the United States. In 2018, 16 nurses from the same hospital also became pregnant at the same time.

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