Elon Musk: a rough education, driving his ambition according to his father

Her relationship with Elon is “not so different“, he acknowledges.

Elon Musk’s controversies and outbursts, especially on Twitter, have become routine. But Errol says his son has always been special. “He was a clever, playful kid“, who mingled willingly with the conversations of adults. “Around four years already, he settled down” to listen to stories of politics and business.

“One day Elon announced that when he grew up he would be a millionaire.“, says his father, visibly amused. What a hilarious adult, whom he describes with a glass and a cigarette in hand, chuckled that “the little one” might be disappointed. “Elon’s response was to answer him + well, I think you’re stupid +”.

“Typical Elon”, comments Errol Musk. “It’s his nature to tell people” their four truths, without filter.

The father also recalls a hurtful comment Elon made to one of his classmates, whose father had committed suicide. “That boy pushed him down the stairs”says Errol, and Elon had to be hospitalized.

Past the initial anger, “when I heard what Elon said, I realized he had crossed the line”. After the incident, Errol got his son into the prestigious Pretoria Boys’ High School.

“Most Kind”

The billionaire would have donated one million rand (60,000 euros) to the school but would have insisted that in exchange, the establishment never make reference to him in its promotional material, advanced the South African press.

“It’s a non-story”, told AFP a former director. He actually gave money twice but”so much nonsense has been written about him“, annoys this gentleman who values ​​his anonymity.

He dealt with Musk through his assistant. It is also via the same assistant that his father also exchanges with him.

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