Elon Musk and his humanoid robot project that could change our relationship to work

Elon Musk, the boss of Tesla, presented on Thursday a project for a metallic humanoid robot, which will be able to perform repetitive tasks and will be designed using the same technology as the company’s semi-autonomous vehicles.

He also mentioned “profound implications for the economy”because “the economy is based on work”. He thus envisages a world where physical effort will no longer be obligatory, but ” a choice “.

The whimsical entrepreneur has promised for next year a first prototype of the “Tesla Bot”, which will have five fingers on its hands and an androgynous black and white silhouette.

humanoid form

“Tesla is probably the most important robotics company in the world, because cars are semi-conscious robots on wheels, with an on-board computer dedicated to autonomous driving”argued Elon Musk during an online event on the advances of his group in artificial intelligence.

“It makes sense to give it all a humanoid form”he added.

The purpose of the presentation, which focused on the development of autonomous driving technologies, was to attract new engineers.

Tesla is under investigation over its ‘Autopilot’ and ‘Full Self driving’ (FSD) driver assistance technologies. They are accused of misleading motorists to believe that vehicles can almost drive themselves.

“Friendly” robot

But this subject was not discussed during the two hours of conference and questions from the public broadcast live online.

The Tesla Bot will be ” friendly “ and you can “escape him by running faster than him a priori”joked Elon Musk.

Second richest man in the world according to Forbes, Elon Musk has created other start-ups: SpaceX, which has become the world’s first private rocket launch company, and Neuralink, which specializes in brain implants.

He believes in the risk that artificial intelligence will compete with human civilization and hopes, thanks to Neuralink, to achieve a “symbiosis” between humans and these technologies.

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