Elon Musk announces that Steam will soon be available on Tesla

Since the arrival of the first cars at Tesla, the big boss of the car brand Elon Musk has not stopped making announcements, each more spectacular than the next. If the autonomy promised in the brand’s cars is still struggling to arrive, Elon Musk is making up for it by always adding more comfort to his vehicles.

Indeed, in a recent announcement, the boss of Tesla, but also of SpaceX and The Boring Company assured that an update would soon allow the brand’s cars to take advantage of the huge Steam game catalog directly on the Internet. car dashboard screen.

Tesla and video games a lasting story

This is not the first time that Tesla has taken an interest in video games for its cars, it is already possible to use several of them, especially when the car is at the charging station. Presented by Elon Musk as the perfect solution to keep busy while charging the car, these games were often not very well-known independent titles.

With the upcoming arrival of Steam in Tesla’s on-board computer, things could therefore be very different, the brand’s cars will be full of games of all kinds, ranging from the AAA that we all know, to more independent titles.

In his latest tweet on the subject, Elon Musk assures that the brand is “making progress” in integrating Steam into cars. It is also specified by the boss of Tesla that a first demonstration should be available next month.

Many questions remain unanswered

For the moment the integration of Steam still has to remove some gray areas. Nobody knows if the entire catalog of the brand will be available in the car or if it will be possible to make direct purchases in Steam from the driver’s seat of his Tesla.

So many questions that the American brand will have to answer in the coming weeks if it wants this integration to be successful and used by the firm’s customers. As a reminder, the Tesla Model S and Model X have an AMD Ryzen processor. When such a piece arrived in the brand’s production line, Elon Musk assured that it would soon be possible to play big names in video games. He then cited titles like The Withcer or even Cyberpunk 2077.

But unfortunately, as with many of Elon Musk’s announcements, words are not followed by deeds. Owners of a Tesla Model S or Model X must for the moment be content with the Tesla Arcade and the few games available such as Sonic the Hedgehog 1.

Playing while driving is (almost) possible

As a reminder, it is now possible to play games when a Tesla is stationary. But also when the latter rolls. Indeed, when the game is launched, an alert message will be displayed, asking if it is indeed the passenger, but once the latter has checked the correct box, he can begin his game.

This system, very unsafe, put Tesla on the front of the stage last year. The brand is under fire from critics of American road safety associations. After having changed its tune several times on the subject, this alert message seems to have made it possible to find a status quo, although the situation still raises major questions around the safety of users.

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