Elon Musk could finally launch his own social network to get revenge on Twitter

In the midst of a legal battle between him and Twitter following the cancellation of his takeover, Elon Musk may well have announced the launch of a new social network. Indeed, when an Internet user asks him if he has ever thought of this project, the billionaire responds with a simple domain name: X.com.

“Have you ever thought of creating your own social network? If ever the takeover of Twitter does not take place”. The question of the Tesla Owners Silicon Valley account to Elon Musk arises. After the platform has filed a complaint against the billionaire and that the latter has returned the favor, everyone is waiting for the next chapter of this incredible story. And obviously, the main interested party has an idea in mind.

Indeed, Elon Musk’s answer is as cryptic as it is frontal, since he was content to post a simple domain name: X.com. When we click on the link, we are automatically redirected to a page displaying for one and only content the letter X on a white background. Before embarking on a treasure hunt that surely does not exist, we must go back to 1999 to understand what is going on.

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X.com, Elon Musk’s new social network?

In 1999, Elon Musk co-created X.com, his online banking solution. A year later, the company merged with a competitor, which would later give rise to PayPal. After leaving the management of the company, the billionaire finally decides to buy back the domain name in 2017who would have for him “great sentimental value” on his terms. However, the site only serves as a gateway to Elon Musk’s other projects, such as Tesla and SpaceX.

But now this famous X.com resurfaces at the turn of a conversation on Twitter. As usual with the businessman, Better not to jump to conclusions.. This tweet can just as well be a joke as a real teaser. As a reminder, Elon Musk sold the equivalent of $7 billion in Tesla shares earlier this week. Knowing his somewhat impulsive temperament, revenge against twitter may well be in the works.

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