Elon Musk encourages piracy, the Pixel 7 is already talking about him, this is the recap

Elon Musk regrets the good old days when piracy was king, the Google Pixel 7 is starting to reveal its design a little and iPhones are still selling better than Android smartphones on the second-hand market. It’s time for the big recap!

It’s time of the recap of the day of February 23, 2022! Today we have a billionaire who is fed up with paying for streaming, iPhones that resell better than Android phones, and a wild Pixel 7 popping up. Are you ready ? Let’s go !

Elon Musk incites hacking

Elon Musk has considerable influence on Twitter and every tweet agitates his fans. His latest is for streaming services. The billionaire posted a meme in which he deplores the proliferation of video-on-demand platforms. It’s not so much the money that worries him here (still happy!) but the colossal number of identifiers and passwords to remember. He therefore regrets the good old days of piracy.

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The Pixel 7 appears in the wild

The Pixel 7 isn’t coming out anytime soon. It should be announced at the end of 2022, in October if all goes well. However, a first visual appeared on the net. This is a 3D file that shows the look of the phone. We can see that it takes up the design codes of the Pixel 6, in particular this headband at the back to house the photo sensors. On the other hand, this new model would be slightly smaller than the old one.

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iPhones are more expensive than Android smartphones on the second-hand market

On the second-hand market, iPhones have always been kings. 2021 doesn’t change anything, since according to a study, second-hand Apple phones always sell better than their Android equivalent. Indeed, an iPhone sells for an average of 169 dollars, while Androids peak at 95 dollars. It should also be borne in mind that the Android market is more open and that many new smartphones are already sold at low prices.

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